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Early 20th century miniature portrait of Eleanor Palmer self portrait with her ...
Inscribed on the reverse Mrs. Eleanor Palmer, RMS (scratched out) /The Lymes, Priory Road, Bowden/ "Winnie" daughter of Dr. Surridge (the latter fo...
Ellison Fine Art
An enamel portrait miniature of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. (15 August 1771 - 21 Sep...
wearing a green coat, yellow waistcoat and black stock set in the original fine chased ormolu frame within outer glazed wooden frame with velvet ...
Ellison Fine Art
Portrait miniature after Boucher's portrait of Madame de Pompadour
This fine, antique portrait miniature was made after Boucher's famous painting of Madame de Pompadour, the highly celebrated official mistress of K...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
A fine portrait miniature of John Wigston (1763-1810)
ohn Wigston (1763-1810) in blue coat, white waistcoat and tied cravat set in a gold frame with plaited hair reverse John was the second of thre...
Ellison Fine Art
HENRY SPICER (1743-1804)
A fine portrait miniature of a child, believed to be Janet Wishart (1788-1820)...
painted in enamel, wearing a low cut pink dress with white underslip, her white bonnet trimmed with flowers set in the original gold frame with sp...
Ellison Fine Art
JAMES NIXON ARA (c.1741-1812)
A fine portrait miniature of Robert Hunter, as a boy, later advocate of Edinburg...
Robert with brown hair, wearing a red jacket with gold buttons and white chemise with lace falling collar set in gold frame, the reverse with vari...
Ellison Fine Art
A fine portrait miniature of an unknown Gentleman
Wearing a blue coat, white waistcoat and red vest, large white tied cravat set in the original frame the reverse with gold monogram JG on blue gla...
Ellison Fine Art
DANIEL SAINT (1750-1830)
A portrait miniature of John J. Galt in dark brown coat
inscribed on the reverse Coll D Galt au Eilfenbaum Francois Joseph Coll., set in a gilt-metal frame. Saint, a pupil of Aubrey and Regnault liv...
Ellison Fine Art
ANDREW PLIMER (1763-1837)
A portrait miniature of a Gentleman, watercolour on ivory
wearing a peppermint green coat, waistcoat and white stock, his powdered hair en queue set in a gold coloured frame
Ellison Fine Art
A portrait miniature of King Charles II (1630-85)
Charles is seen wearing a brown embroidered doublet with lions mask epaulettes and slashed sleeves, short lace cravat with red tie and blue ribbon ...
Ellison Fine Art
WILLIAM WOOD (1769-1810)
An early 19th century portrait miniature of Henry Herbert, 1st Earl of Carnarvon...
Henry was a British Whig politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1768 to 1780 when he was raised to the peerage as Baron Porchester. He ser...
Ellison Fine Art
ANDREW PLIMER (1763-1837)
An early portrait miniature of an unknown young Gentleman
Andrew and older brother Nathaniel trained as clock makers but both ran away from home and travelled for over two years in Wales and the west of En...
Ellison Fine Art
RICHARD CROSSE (1742-1810)
A portrait miniature of an unknown Lady
wearing a blue surcoat over a low cut white dress with frilled white underslip, a rope of pearls and gold chain at her corsage, her upswept hair en...
Ellison Fine Art
RICHARD COSWAY (1742-1821)
A portrait miniature of John Ker, 3rd Duke of Roxburghe KG KT PC (23 April 1740 ...
a Scottish nobleman and bibliophile wearing pale pink doublet slashed to reveal white and the Order of the Thistle on green ribbon This is a rar...
Ellison Fine Art
MRS ANNE MEE (c.1770-1851)
A beautiful miniature portrait of a young girl
A pretty portrait of a young girl wearing low cut white dress, her long her flowing freely over her left shoulder set in the original black rectan...
Ellison Fine Art
PHILIP JEAN (1755-1802)
A portrait miniature of Lady Frances-Jory Cooke (d. 1796)
Lady Frances- Jory Cooke, the wife of Sir George Cook, 7th Baronet of Wheatley, wearing a white dress, black lace shawla dna white bandeau in her p...
Ellison Fine Art